News, letzte Änderungen

2017-07-16 ngtx: added camelCase

2017-06-07 ngtx: updated most of the RPM and deb packages

2016-10-30 ngtx: added mboxscrub

2016-09-24 Uploaded some PDF files of certifications.

2016-09-19 Er... news page not updated for a long time... ngtx: misc. new tools

2013-08-31 ngtx: added daily svn checkout archive

2013-08-27 ngtx-20130824 (added; added "varnish" patch by dkraemer;fix OpenWRT build; small fixes, cleanups and optimizations)

2013-07-06 Updated some links

2013-06-19 ngtx (added and check_dmesg;enhanced check_countsockets;chrootuser drop CAP_SYS_CHROOT; small fixes, cleanups and optimizations)

2013-05-30 ngtx (lns Raspbian fix; small fixes, cleanups and optimizations)

2013-05-09 ngtx (Raspbian armhf packages)

2013-04-25 ngtx (bugfixes, new check time, lps thread mode)

2012-12-25 ngtx (bugfixes, new check procmounts, debian startscripts)

2012-08-24 ngtx (ngtx-20120822 Debian package for Raspberry Pi)

2012-08-22 ngtx (fixes, added tutorial ngtx-quickstart-de, added amd64-deb-package)

2012-08-06 ngtx (fixes, added do_check_logcheckerr)

2012-07-09 ngtx (fixes, diskusagelocal/mounts also as plugins suitable for NRPE, MacOS client support)

2012-04-15 ngtx (fixes, added knoerrehd, new checks diskusagelocal and mounts)

2012-02-16 ngtx (fixes, enhancements and kconfig for easy configuration)

2012-01-22 ngtx (enhancements and small fixes)

2011-12-18 Small updates, bugfix URL shortener

2011-12-03 ngtx (added small features)

2011-11-13 Short-URL-Dienst aktiviert

2011-11-12 Vortragsfolien von der OpenRheinRuhr online

2011-11-09 ngtx (bugfixes, added do_check_tcp, added nagios-cache)

2011-11-01 ngtx (bugfixes)

2011-10-30 ngtx (some updates and bugfixes, deb- and rpm-packages)

2011-09-24 ngtx (NagiosFS over HTTP)

2011-08-23 ngtx-Seite und Übersichtsgrafik erstellt

2011-08-22 ngtx updated

2011-08-11 ngtx updated

2011-08-10 ngtx (successor of nagios-fwb and sac-tools, contains NagiosFS) introduced

2011-07-16 nagiosfs, a filesystem showing system parameters of monitored remote hosts as files

2011-07-14 nagios-fwb (small bugfixes and enhancements, improved do_check_diskusage, added do_check_uptime)

2011-07-11 sac-tools (added: actionwhenfileold, daemonizep, griller)

2011-06-26 nagios-fwb (small bugfixes, key proccounttg - no count of threads)

2011-06-24 nagios-fwb (do_postfix_mailqsize() maximum mode; do_check_diskusage() output changes; minor changes)

2011-05-27 nagios-fwb (new tool: nts2hrf; check_remote_by_http / check_remote_by_udp / check_remote_by_udp_multi new options; enhancements on some checks; small bugfixes; internal API simplified)

2011-04-17 sac-tools (minor changes/bugfixes, chrootuser added, packages for different archs and different distros)

2011-03-26 Kerkelinn has now its own page.

2011-02-27 fnord-patches (introduced "kerkelinn" - a fork of the no longer maintained fnord)

2011-01-26 fnord-patches (fnord-byte-ranges-rfc2616.patch)

2010-12-22 sac-tools (postfix-saslusernames option "-t"), nagios-fwb (small timeout bugfix, fix C library and kernel compatibility issues, check_remote_by_udp_multi option "-L") fnord-patches (custom fnord package 1.12.1, workaround for misbehaviour of some web browsers like firefox)

2010-12-03 sac-tools (postfix-saslusernames updated)

2010-12-02 nagios-fwb (process_perfdata.c, check_remote_by_udp_multi -O option)

2010-11-18 nagios-fwb (check_true dummy, check_http_fwb with "ping"-mode), sac-tools (added postfix-saslusernames, minor changes, first binary debian package)

2010-11-13 nagios-fwb (enhanced UDP multichecks), sac-tools (small bugfix)

2010-11-05 nagios-fwb (small bugfix, UDP multicheck with file-include)

2010-11-01 sac-tools (minor changes, added lns), fnord-patches (minor patches, release a custom fnord package)

2010-10-27 nagios-fwb (enhanced udp multi check)

2010-09-17 sac-tools (bugfix sfgrep, added ipv4conv)

2010-09-11 nagios-fwb (countsockets IPv6)

2010-09-06 nagios-fwb (knoerre modules)

2010-09-03 nagios-fwb (check_remote_by_udp_multi, knoerred) (Diese Woche nannte jemand 'knoerre' das Schweizer Taschenmesser für Linux Monitoring. :-) Danke, Daniel)

2010-08-24 nagios-fwb (check_remote_by_udp_multi.1.html, process_perfdata)

2010-08-03 nagios-fwb (nettraf, proccount, knoerred multicheck)

2010-07-30 nagios-fwb (added fileexists, netlinksdown)

2010-07-16 nagios-fwb

2010-06-12 TYPO3 Monitoring mit Nagios und TYPO3 patches

2010-06-04 nagios-fwb und sac-tools aktualisiert

2010-06-01 nagios-fwb

2010-05-30 TYPO3 patches aktualisiert

2010-05-28 sac-tools aktualisiert

2010-05-27 nagios-fwb und sac-tools aktualisiert

2010-05-19 fnord-patches.html

2010-05-11 nagios-fwb

2010-03-20 nagios-fwb und sac-tools aktualisiert, neuer TYPO3-Patch

2010-02-09 sac-tools aktualisiert

2010-02-06 sac-tools aktualisiert

2010-01-30 sac-tools aktualisiert

2010-01-10 sac-tools aktualisiert

2010-01-09 kleinere Aktualisierungen

2010-01-08 sac-tools aktualisiert, TYPO3 patches geändert

2010-01-04 software-patches.html aktualisiert: Patches für dcron und dropbear

2009-12-27 News-Seite eingerichtet, sac-tools aktualisiert, fnord patches aktualisiert 2017-07-17
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