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2014-12-09 00:23:19

Up-to-date version of loudmouth XMPP library

The new tuxad repo contains a most up-to-date version of the loudmouth XMPP/Jabber library.

The last "maintained" version of loudmouth is available at the mcabber github repository. Actually loudmouth is currently not officially maintained but fixes and new patches are provided by mcabber.

The tuxad loudmouth package (Devel- and Source-RPM) has an additional patch to enable TLSv1.1 and TLSv1.2 and disable SSLv3.

Update 2015-08-09: The package is included in the tuxad repo.

Posted by Frank W. Bergmann | Permanent link | File under: ssl, encryption, rpm, yum, repository, redhat, openssl, jabber