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2018-04-04 21:16:01

Power Measuring ADATA SU800

I have a couple of SSDs but some "effects" made me wondering if the technical specs about the power consumption of the SSDs are the same in "normal life".

Especially the ADATA SU800 256 GB SSD seems to drain notebook batteries very quickly if you have a lot of data transfers. These are my measuring values:

  • Idle 0.8 W
  • Read 1.1 W - 1.8 W
  • Write 1.9 W - 2.6 W

Measuring device was a Scopemeter 750. The potential difference was taken on a cascade of 3 resistors with totally 0.3 Ohm. The potential difference was also measured at the same time with 3 other measuring devices which did always show the same voltage values (but didn't have an interface). The 3 resistors were Isabellenhütte precision shunts. The total resistance of 0.3 Ohm was verified with a current source. Supply voltage at the SSD was 5.0 V +/- 0.05 V.

x-y diagram of measurements

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